Search Engine Positioning

Search Engine Positioning

Our search engine optimization experts will fine tune and maintain your website to achieve high rankings in the search engine using our proven optimization techniques for search engines.

Did you know that improper search engine optimization techniques could have your site banned from every search engine before you even get listed?

Achieve Major Search Engine Ranking Without Risk

Since the greatest search engine ranking tips of yesterday could get your site expelled or penalized tomorrow, you need a search engine optimizer (or SEO) that will watch over your site as if it was their own. One that understands How Search Engines Work and stays up-to-date with the latest search engine techniques and internet marketing information  to ensure that your site is always running in peak form.

Search Engine Ranking, Optimization and Positioning. PSE Experts Will Fine Tune and Maintain Your Site.

We at PSE are constantly reverse analyzing each search engine and their results, so we not only stay current on the search engine techniques that could send your website’s search engine ranking skyrocketing, but also on the ones that could get you banned. Using only proven services and proven techniques, like these Search Engine Submission Tips, we focus on continually optimizing your site, to ensure that you both receive a great rank position and can maintain that position far into the future. No matter what you want to call them – optimization services or simply search engine services – we sincerely believe that we offer the best services and know the most potent techniques on the internet.

Search Engine Experience

With over a decade in the search engine business and hundreds of websites ranked on the first page for their keywords, PSE provides you with experience that you can buy. For example, in 2003 we used our experience to predict many of the guideline changes Google made in November of that year, saving our customers from the massive fall in rankings most others experienced. If you would like to benefit from our experience as well, visit our Optimization Packages page! Or continue reading below to learn more about our services.

We help our broad range of clients achieve their business search engine goals by providing exceptional web site optimization services. Our search engine experts ensure the following and more:

  • Submission readiness check (Content, Design, Keywords, Descriptions, Titles, Visibility to Web Crawlers, etc.)
  • Submitting and ensuring web site listing
  • Continual site maintenance to upgrade rank position in the search engine
  • Reports and recommendations for SEO improvement
  • Paid listing negotiation and management
  • Online internet marketing strategy and more.

We will get your site listed quickly on the word’s most powerful search engine and directories. But first, we ensure your web site is fully prepared for search submission.

Search Engine Preparation:

Content Optimization

Our search engine experts dedicate many hours studying your site, your business, and your competition to select the right keywords for your site. A professional copywriter can then place these keywords correctly within your content to ensure your search engine content is improved without sacrificing great sales copy.

Meta Tag Optimization & Code Clean-Up

We know how to use HTML meta tags and search suggestion tools like those by Overture and Worktracker to optimize your title, description, keyword and body tags: all of which are important in achieving high ranking in any search engine. But the cleanliness of your code, its appearance and presentation to the search engine robots, should not be overlooked either.

Search Engine Execution:

Your Site Submitted to the World’s Most Powerful Search Engines

Once your site has been fully prepared for submission, the execution of ranking your site in the search engine can begin! To get your web site both the local and global exposure it requires we submit your web site using four extremely effective search engine tactics:

  • Submission of your site to the world’s most popular search engine providers and directories(AltaVistaAOL,Bing, Overture, Ahha, iWON, HotBot,, CNet, Google, LookSmartNetscape Search , Open Directory  Yahoo, NBCi and more).
  • Manual submission of your site to top search engine and directories that do not accept automatic submission, guaranteeing your inclusion.
  • Have your site indexed by local search engine directories, portals and directories specific to your industry. Most other companies do not take the time to uncover these extremely important avenues of traffic.
  • Whenever possible we set up your pages to ensure search engine robots revisit frequently, updating your pages quickly in each search engine. This allows us to fine tune your pages regularly and see improved  search engine results fast!

Search Engine Improvements and Search Engine Optimization That’s Safe, Secure and Stable

Having established a rank on a search engine or directory does not mean that your site can now be ignored. We work with you to launch, fine tune, and maintain your site in each search engine giving your frequent search engine ranking reports. Maintenance of your site in the search engine is very important and is a service that very few search engine company’s offer.

Visit our Search Engine Optimization Packages page and find out how PSE can help you today!